Thank you for completing your Dollars for Scholars applications - over 75% of the class completed one this year which is simply amazing! I am encouraging you all to return to your profiles and upload a copy of your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) as you begin to receive them. This financial information is required if you want to be eligible for one of the 12 need-based scholarships.

Click here to log in and upload a copy of your SAR!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any further questions you may have.


Coventry High School Senior Awards Night 

WEDNESDAY MAY 29th at 6:00

Congratulations to the 2023 Coventry Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars awards recipients!



Coventry High School

* Dylan Aloisa * Paige Belsito * Julia Boya * Molly Bradley *

* Dominick Bugnacki * Molly Bushnell * Remington Casida * Kaitlyn Corrigan* 

* Avery Cour * Audrey Cox * Emma Daly * Paige Deane *

* Elijah DeJulius * Grace Duran * Emma Figiela * Justin Foran *

* Jessica Galaska * Lindsey Harrington * Reagan Hawkins * Evelyn Hayes * 

* Aidan Houk * Austin Jonas * Kyla Jones-Henry * Charlotte Jordan *

* Miya Kinney * Elizabeth LaBonte * Paige Levesque * Hunter Lewin *

* Ashley Light * Alexandra Magrey * Ryan Miller * Katelyn Morris* 

* Nathan Ojala * Lily Rand * Sienna Ransford * David Redshaw *

* Naveen Rodriguez * Nisa Rodriguez * Timothy Rogers * Brody Schouten * 

* Emma Smith * Payton Smith * Aubrey Talaga * Madison Trudeau* 

* Brianna Twerdy * Sophie Verosky * Nicholas Vieira * Maya Waterhouse * 

* Jacob Watson * Chloe White * Ashlyn White * Griffin Young *

* LeeAnne Zajac * Cole Zbyk * Grace Zima *

East Catholic High School

Abigail Aston

E.O. Smith High School

Tyler Holcomb

View the awards presentation here


Coventry Dollars for Scholars, a program of Scholarship America, is made up of volunteer community members and high school personnel whose mission is to encourage Coventry students to further their education.  Since 1992 we have supported this mission through scholarship awards and financial assistance and we have awarded over $500,000 to help students achieve their educational goals.

An element that is common to all local Dollars for Scholars chapters is a commitment to community-based fundraising for scholarships to be awarded to local students. Our annual phone-a-thon is held in March every year and it helps raise money which goes directly to the students in Coventry. One of the benefits of affiliation with the national organization is access to Scholarship America Collegiate Partners, a program of more than 400 colleges, universities, and post-secondary schools across the United States that agree not to reduce grant aid to students who have been awarded Dollars for Scholars scholarships. Nearly 100 colleges will also match the Dollars for Scholars awards, providing additional funding for scholarship recipients.  Since the foundation has the benefit of 501(c)(3) status, contributions to Coventry Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars or any other local chapter are tax deductible.

You can help by donating, volunteering, or encouraging your students to pursue education beyond high school!


Coventry Scholarship Foundation, Dollars for Scholars